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The Immune System: A Unit Study

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This short unit study will cover the 1918 flu pandemic, how the immune system works, and how illness has shaped history. The board game for this unit is Pandemic. All of the resources in this unit are available digitally (except glitter) so you do not need to leave home to do this study. It is geared toward grades 3-7. You can find more units on our unit studies page.

This is a challenging time to live in, not to mention scary. The goal of this study is to demystify illness with information and hope for what lies beyond a pandemic. It will take about 2 weeks to complete this unit, depending on how quickly you go through the material. Take your time with it and make sure your child really understands the information. Allow them to voice their fears and anxieties and help them to know that it is normal to feel those things. As you study how plagues of the past have improved the lives, begin to dream together of what improvements to life Corvid-19 may bring to to our modern lives. The spread of illness is serious, but a good dose of hope and information can ease the fear and anxiety of a difficult time.

Note: Pandemic is also available in app form if you don't have or can't get it.

Immune System Unit
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Our Unit Studies are available for free due to the generosity of our patrons!

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