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The Gameschool Tool Kit

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Did you play any great games over the weekend? Our family spent a lot of time playing games on Board Game Arena (review here). The question I get asked the most is how to take a game that is not designed for educational purposes and turn it into a learning experience.

I designed this little one page tool kit for you. It outlines generic activities that can be applied to any game. You wouldn't want to do all the activities with every game, but it leaves you open to options. They will expound upon what you did in the game and make for a well rounded learning experience. Download it here:

Gameschool Toolkit
Download PDF • 168KB

This will be a great tool for you to get started making your own unit studies. If you want a bit more of a walkthrough on the process of making them, check out this post. Just allot about an hour to put it together.

Maybe you want to learn more about how to engage while playing the game. I have a post for that too. You can learn more about how to teach with games here.

I hope this will give you a great place to start. It can be very exciting to extend the gameplay into other aspects of learning. I would recommend keeping learning activities light during the pandemic and allow your child to learn as naturally as possible. Focus on mental health above academic achievement. Consider this time to be building blocks to a future of stellar gameschooling.

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