Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Zelda Day

The Legend of Zelda is a game I grew up with. Ocarina of Time was my game and the kiddo plays Breath of the Wild. Even the tot was able to get into the activities.

Nintendo Land

On the Wii U we have Nintendo Land. On Nintendo land there is a cute mini game based on The Legend of Zelda. You each play as Link, wielding either sword or bow. The players play cooperatively to fight the bad guys. The tot got a controller too, though it wasn't actually connected. We all had a great time playing.

Zelda TV

We found episodes of The Legend of Zelda TV series on YouTube. It was interesting to see. The show is full of 1980s sarcasm. We all agreed that it doesn't really capture the feel of the games at all. After a couple of episodes, we moved on.

Dungeon Fighter

You could really play any dungeon crawler board game on Zelda day. We chose Dungeon Fighter, a hilarious twist on the dungeon crawl genre. It has you throwing dice at a target to hit the monsters. Sometimes you have to throw with special rules, like with your eyes shut or off your nose. The tot played along and now all he ever wants to do is role dice off of his nose! It was a perfect edition to the day. The game is hard to find though. We got our copy a few years ago, used, from a Half Price Books store.


We, like many, did a lot of puzzles at the beginning of the pandemic. The Zelda puzzle we did this day was a part of that collection. It is actually pretty hard since the color palette is fairly limited.

This was the day we strayed most from the themed activities. We were getting a bit weary from the vacation and the heat. There was a lot of time spent doing things from the other days too, like watching MLP. Tomorrow will be the last of our themed days, the camp out. Come back on Friday too and I will be sharing what we learned and would change for future homecations.

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