Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Pony Day

The boys chose this theme. We found out that we would have a heat advisory for our entire homecation. That meant adding 2 more themes in place of the 2 all day outside activities we had planned. We just adore My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! It has a good solid story and great lessons that I refer back to often.

Grow a Pony

We found these little eggs at Dollarama. It takes 2 days for them to hatch and grow so we started them a couple of days early. The kiddo even experimented to see how big his pony could grow. There is a point where they start to fall apart a bit. It was a fun and inexpensive activity.

Tails of Equestria

This is a fantastic role playing game. We began the Curse of the Statuettes campaign for our homecation. It is so much fun to play as a family. The tot can play with us too. He needs a bit more help, but he loves to listen to the story and doesn't need to participate if he doesn't feel like it. Not only are RPGs fun, they are great for learning too. You can check out our post about using RPGs for learning (including free RPG options) here on our blog.


We got season 2 of MLP Friendship is Magic on Amazon streaming. The boys watched over half the season. We also found the original MLP for free on Tubi. The tot really loved the original series and calls it the "new" My Little Pony. We all find that hilarious!

Tasty Treats

What to serve on MLP day? We went with apples and cupcakes. Apples are really versatile since you can make so many things with them. Cupcakes are a rare treat at our house. The boys were thrilled to have them!

This day was a bit much on the TV time. It can be hard though when you have to stay inside due to extreme heat. We had a lot of fun doing the other activities too and it gave us a break from binge watching MLP. We're almost to the end of the series. Tomorrow will be our Legend of Zelda day.

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