Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Pirate Day

Aaarrgh Mateys! We had a hard time coming up with 7 days of themes. This one was suggested to us on Twitter and I am so glad it was. Pirate day was a blast!

Treasure Hunt

This was the focus of the day. I made a map of clues leading us on what was ultimately a long walk through the marsh in our neighborhood. Some of the clues were tougher than others, but the boys figured them all out. We saw some wildlife, which is always fun. There were turtles, a toad, and Adam and the tot even saw a river otter swim through the water. We didn't even know any were living there! When we arrived back home the kids found the treasure chest containing the mermaids treasure. Inside they each had a pack of mermaid Hatchimals. The hatching of the eggs was very exciting. Both boys love tiny toys, especially cute ones.

On the TV

We were pretty tuckered out from the long walk and especially the heat. So, we spent a fair bit of time in front of the TV this day. We watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Muppet Treasure Island, and Shipwrecked on Disney +.

Game Night

The one new board game we bought for our vacation was Treasure Island. I wasn't really sold on it, but Adam wanted it. I'm glad we got it because it was a ton of fun. It has great components and the game play is interesting and challenging. I won a round and so did the Kiddo. It was a great way to wind down pirate day.

Sometimes the tot doesn't want to participate and that is okay. We want to encourage him to join in, but if he doesn't want to he is free do do something else. Except for the treasure hunt. We had to bring him kicking and screaming halfway to the marsh. He doesn't like to go outside. Once we found some animals, he wanted to stay though. On Monday I will share our Jelle's Marble Runs themed day.

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