Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Marble racing

Are you a fan of Jelle's Marble Runs? The kiddo sure is. He loves Marbula One and the Marble League ( essentially the marble Olympics). He roots for team Galactic, in case you were curious. This was the first theme I picked out. It was a bit of a rocky start to the day. The heat was starting to get to us all. In the end we were all into the competition and enjoying making Olympic events for our marbles.

Sand Runs

Before the heat picked up too much we hit the playground sandbox. We made some short runs for the marbles and had fun playing in the sand. Both kids were a bit grumpy, so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been. Plus, a summer camp came to use the playground. So, our sandbox time was short.

Jelle's Marble Runs

What marble themed day would be complete without binge watching an entire Marble league season? We purposely saved the 2017 league to watch for marble day. All our teams had some wins and it helped us get ideas for our own marble Olympics.

Tasty Food

So many foods are marble shaped. I added as many as I could find in stock when I shopped. For lunch we had meatballs with tater tots and cherry tomatoes. At snack time I broke out a bag of pretzel balls. They are little balls of crunchy pretzel. Provigo makes them and they are gluten free.

Our Marble Olympics

The main event for the day was having our own marble Olympics at home. We had a slow start but then everyone got into it. It was fun to cheer for our favorite marbles and seeing who won. The kiddo had named all the marbles. The tot raised the gate for the races. We all worked together to make a variety of events.

Some days are not going to work out as planned. People get grumpy or difficult. This was a day that we were dealing with that. Despite the bad attitudes most of the day, we really loved the day and the theme.

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