Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Introduction

We are a family that are pro staycationers. It is rare that we take a trip outside of our area. It is nice to visit all the sights that are nearby and we don't have to get a dog sitter. This year, even a staycation is not really doable. Living in a major city with great transit is normally great for staycationing, but we are avoiding transit right now unless absolutely necessary. We still need a break from work and school though.

This is when the "homecation" idea came together. This takes the staycation to a new extreme. For our homecation we will not leave our neighborhood. The problem for Adam and I is staying home without working. So, each day of our 7 day vacation will have it's own theme filled with activities to keep the whole family occupied, not easy with a 12 year old and a 3 year old.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing the details of each day. The activities, games, movies, and special foods will all be there. I hope it will encourage you to take some time off. Whether you are in lock down or just trying to save a bit of money, I think you will find something fun to take a day off from work and school.

"Homecation" 2020 Themes

  • 4th of July

  • Day at the Fair

  • Pirates

  • Marble Racing

  • My Little Pony

  • Legend of Zelda

  • Camping

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