Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Final Thoughts

Homecation is over. It was nice to change things up a bit for a week. It makes getting back into the routine feel so much better. We learned a lot about homecationing by doing this and have some thoughts for going forward with future homecations. Hopefully, they will help you with the process too.

Working and Variety

The biggest issue we faced with doing our vacation at home was the temptation to work. This went hand in hand with the plans for each day. The days that were the most full and with a variety of activities proved the easiest to resist that urge. For us at least, we need to be kept busy or we will busy ourselves with work when we are at home. The days with the most variety kept everyone's attention much longer and were the more enjoyable days.


We found that ambient music and sounds really made the themed days pop. YouTube has a plethora of music you can use. The days that we used it were the best of our week. It helped us all to be more immersed into the theme.

Length of Homecation

A week was way too long for us. A 3-4 day homecation would have worked much better for our family. It was a lot for me to be the activity coordinator for so long. It may have helped to split the days with Adam. Even though all the days were fun, we did get kind of tired of it all. In the future we will do shorter homecations more often.

Family Together

It is often hard to do things as a family when your kids are 12 and 3. The age gap can be difficult to work with. I worked really hard to make sure that all of us could enjoy all of the activities. It was really worth the effort. Our homecation was a fantastic time of family bonding.

The boys are already pitching ideas for a winter homecation. We will absolutely do this again. I hope you give it a try. We would love for you to share your experience with us.

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