Summer "Homecation" 2020 - Camp Out

You probably expect that we popped up a tent in the back yard and did a legit camp out. There just isn't enough room on our balcony for a tent though. We live in a 3rd floor apartment. We have moved so many times that we don't even have a tent anymore. Yet, we still ended our homecation like champs with a camp out inside that actually felt like a camp out.


We started with a "hike" to Tim Hortons to pick up some Tim bits. It was already getting very hot, so we needed a very short trip out. While Adam and the tot hit Tim's, the kiddo and I popped into the Pharmaprix to pick up the cute mini version classic board games they have. We got Candy Land, Clue, and Barrel of Monkeys. The smaller versions are much more tolerable since they are shorter. We played them all day, between other activities.

Tasty Treats

My family always ate pizza pot pies while camping. We made an attempt to replicate them with our cast iron skillets and it worked out pretty well. Of course, we also made s'mores. We cooked the marshmallows over the flame of our fondue burner and it worked splendidly.


What camp experience is complete without some crafts? We had many to choose from. We made foamie animals, wooden puzzles, and did needle felting. I was able to find all of our supplies at Dollarama and it was pretty cost effective. There were left over supplies, so the crafting fun has extended far beyond our homecation too.

Bird Watching

Wingspan was our answer to bird watching while stuck inside during a heat advisory. The game has such beautiful bird cards. Even the tot looked through the cards and sorted them by types. I am not sure what his sorting criteria were, but he was content and letting us play the game so it doesn't matter.


We ended the day by letting the boys build a tent to sleep in. This was a big deal to them that they actually got to sleep in the fort they created. It was so hot that night that we had to move our mattresses to the living room to sleep by the window air conditioner. It was a nice way to end our "homecation".

We had some highs and lows throughout our homecation. We learned a lot. In tomorrow's post I will be sharing what we would keep and what we would change the next time we do this. There will probably be a next time.

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