Summer "Homecation" 2020 - A Day at the Fair

The last time we made it out to a county fair I was pregnant with the tot. It was an exciting day. The kiddo got to watch the birth of a calf just months before I gave birth to his brother. We wanted to bring the fair experience home for our vacation. It really felt like a day at the fair and it turned out to be one of our favorite days.

Carnival Games

We spent the morning creating carnival games to play. The boys had a lot of fun setting it all up and were very excited to play after lunch. We all went around playing the games together for most of the afternoon. Each time the boys completed a game they got to draw a prize from the basket. This was just wonderful for them. I found a set of mixed shaped erasers at Dollarama and they couldn't wait to see what the next draw would get them.

Farm Animals

One of our favorite parts of the fair is seeing all the farm animals. The tot made up his nicest display of farm stuffed animals and we all came in to view them. We even awarded a ribbon to the #1 stufty. He was very proud to have done something for the fair day and that everyone came in to enjoy it.

Ambient Sounds

Adam found a great and long farm sounds track on YouTube to play for this day. It was so peaceful and made it really sound like the fair. The tot enjoyed hearing the different animal sounds as they came and spent a good amount of time pointing them out to us.


While we couldn't get our hands on all the iconic fair food we wanted, we did find a couple of our favorites. We had mini donuts and cotton candy for snacks throughout the day. The boys (including dad) were thrilled! They love their sweets.

Movie Time

After a long day "at the fair", we all watched a movie together. We chose Babe, for it's lesson on kindness and politeness. We had been considering Charlotte's Web and State Fair too. It was a great family movie night to end day 2 of our homecation.

Allowing the kids to help put this day together was a big part of the enjoyment for them. Kids love making things and then having their parents play with them. Tomorrow's post will be about our pirate themed day.

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