Summer "Homecation" 2020 - 4th of July Theme

4th of July is a challenge to celebrate when you live outside the United States. Now we add social distancing into the mix and it might feel impossible. Our Independence Day celebration turned out lovely though. It was laid back and actually felt like a holiday. It was a great day and way to start our "homecation".

Ice Cream

It is a family tradition of ours to go out for ice cream on the 4th. We weren't sure if we would be able to because our neighborhood soft serve joint was taking only cash for a while. They were back to taking plastic by the 4th though. They are set up to allow one family in the shop at a time, so we were able to all enter as a family and pick out our ice cream. Afterward we sat on a nearby bench and ate our cones. We did have tubs of ice cream in the freezer just in case. It was so nice to go to a place as a family. With lock down just ending, going out as a family is a huge treat.

Stuffed Animal Parade

There are no parades in Canada for the 4th of July on a normal basis, but no parades period this year. So, we created our own parade. While Adam and I did a live stream game time on our Twitch channel, the kiddo and the tot created a beautiful stuffed animal parade. We walked past it slowly while playing parade music on YouTube.

Liberty's Kids

We just love this series and watch through it every few years. We did a whopping whole disk! That is a lot of TV time (3.5 hours) but we weren't too concerned about it. We had an awful heat wave for our whole week, so it was too hot to go out. I really like this PBS series because it is entertaining and educational. It addresses women's roles during the time period and also racial issues. It is done tactfully and I appreciate that they did not gloss over the difficult issues of the time just because it is geared toward kids.

Board Games

You better believe we were playing board games during this vacation! Our game for the day was 10 Days in the USA. It is a simple US states game. We always discuss where we have traveled and where our family members live while we play. The kiddo really likes it and is getting better at knowing where the states are from playing the game.


This was a last minute idea I had and it was a big hit. I found the 4th of July fireworks from Epcot at Disney World on YouTube. We put out a picnic blanket and sat on the floor. Looking up to watch the fireworks show was almost as good as watching them live. It was bug free and we could pause them if needed. There were definitely some perks to watching from home.

So, this is what we did for our first day of "homecation". It was a nice start and we might make this a family tradition for celebrating the 4th out of the country. Tomorrow I will share what we did on day 2 - a day at the fair.

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