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Snail Sprint Board Game Spotlight

Where do I begin with this novel racing game? I knew that I wanted to do a snail unit study and the theme of this game is just spot on. The unit is geared toward young learners and Snail Sprint is for ages 5 and up. You will find the unit here next week.

So, what did I think it would be like? I guess, maybe, like a better version of Candyland. I couldn't have been more wrong though. Yes, you move to the colors you roll, but that is as far as it goes.

Each snail is identified by a color and shape. The first thing players do in a typical board game is choose a color to play with, not so with Snail Sprint. The snails are moved by all the players. Players roll two dice that represent the same colors/shapes as the snails and spaces. They choose one to represent a snail and one to represent the space they will move to. You can use a little strategy to try to get your chosen snails to the finish line before the others. Each player has a card with three snails that they want to win.

For adults this is going to be a very light game. That said, it is so fun! There is just something so exciting about seeing which snail wins. There is a bit of luck and a bit of strategy, but this game is 100% fun. The tot is almost 5 but not quite yet. The game is a little long for him at this age. He typically makes it about half the way to the end. The rest of the family is always up for a game though. We are planning to make it a part of our game event collection because we are confident that we won't be the only ones who have a blast playing it. I'm sure the tot will come around and be able to play a full game when he makes it to 5.

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