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ROVE Board Game Spotlight

Are you looking for a game that is hot off the presses? Look no farther than ROVE from Button Shy Games. This solo micro game is being launched today and with the print and play you could be playing in a matter of minutes. Here is what the game is about...

In the far reaches of space where humankind still dares not go, a sturdy ROVE — short for Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer — is often deployed. You are one such unit. Unfortunately your navigation systems malfunctioned and you were forced to make a crash-landing on a hostile alien planet. Armed only with your array of movement-enhancing modules you’ll have to roll, stretch, shimmy, and bounce your way to safety and complete the mission before your power supply runs out…permanently.

Rove is a solo spatial puzzle game with a serious ticking clock. You must move your module cards into specific configurations to complete the seven tasks. Movement cards are limited though and are not easily regained. The game plays as quickly as you can make decisions. It can be as quick as 15 minutes but analysis paralysis (AP) might make that time a touch longer.

The game is excellent quality if you buy the wallet game version. The cards come in a vinyl wallet and the expansion is included. The art is lovely. The soft monochromatic colors are soothing as you stress about your actions. This is a very thinky game and can be fun to ponder over with a friend if you want to make the decisions together. The game can fit in your pocket yet it can easily compete with its fellow much larger solo puzzle game cousins.

You can also find ROVE on PNP Arcade. There you can buy the game at a lower cost and print it immediately. No shipping and no wait.

You can find the game here:

Wallet game from Button Shy Games

Printable from PNP Arcade

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