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Updated: Jun 6

What is the hot new toy at our house? It is this little mint tin filled with game components. The Pocket Game Design Kit was highly anticipated at our house. If you have followed our blog at all, you know that the kiddo loves to design games.

Find the Design a Game project here!

We have a box of game bits that he uses. They have been scalped from old games that we chose not to keep or upgraded the pieces. When I told the kiddo about the Pocket Game Design Kit he was so excited. He began daydreaming about creating games in the car, at restaurants, while the tot plays at a park. This little kit was going everywhere with him.

It arrived and I barely had a chance to look at it before he had run off with it. I had to sneak in a picture for this post while he was out on a walk. It really has gone everywhere with him. It has a home in his satchel and is open frequently. He has used it to work on his game ideas, but it has come out as a babysitting activity too. He watches the tot sometimes and we have come home to find him helping his brother create his own roll and move style games. It is just the right size to bring babysitting out in the world too, in case you have a kid that does that.

The Pocket Game Design Kit is created by Sean Fenemore from State of Mind Games. It is filled to the brim with a variety of game bits. The pieces are small but not too small to work with. The quality of the components is high too. It also comes with a little pencil, blank cards, and a small sheet of paper lined on one side. It is a great little kit and perfect to take anywhere. It is also a great way to kickstart your bit collection for game design. It is a great companion to our Design a Game project for kids too. You can find the project here.

Here is the description from Half Monster Games...

Build your own games with this handy kit, packed with everything the budding game designer needs to delight and entertain their friends!

This is a collection of game pieces in a small mint tin that you can easily carry around with you and whip out of your pocket or bag when you need something to help you visualize your latest game idea. Quite often you are struck with an idea for a game and just need a few cards, some dice, or some pieces to push around so that you can think through some aspects of your idea. The Pocket Game Design Kit was designed so that you can do exactly that.

With 4 'sets' of pieces in 4 different colors, this kit will let you work your way through most design hurdles that you come across in those early stages of designing a game. There may not be as many bits as your final design will need, but just being able to physically move pieces around can help clarify and solidify the concepts bouncing around in your head.

You can find the limited edition kit here.

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