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Our 8th Grade Curriculum

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

We have been at it for about 6 weeks now and are starting to get into a groove. We are "roadschooling" this year. It has proven to be a challenge for us. Space is limited but field trips are plentiful. This year we are overjoyed to have absolutely no regulations to worry about. If you are in Quebec and want some help getting started check out these posts.

We are using the Everything You Need To Ace series this year. They are covering language arts, American history, science, and math. The books are helping me keep it simple this year. We have two physical books and two in digital format. I teach the kiddo the lesson and he answers the questions. I am adding some supplemental activities like research projects, documentaries, and, of course, board games. If you want to know more about using board games for education, check out this post.

Traveling has offered its own unique experiences. Keeping our course work light and schedule flexible is allowing us to fill our days with field trips. We have learned about puppy breeding, tamed young highland cows, and learned about great lakes shipwrecks. It will be an abundance of experiential science and social studies this year.

Our electives courses this year are art and careers. Art is combined with all the subjects

The kiddo has been hand sewing 18th century clothing and accessories with me to wear on visits to notable locations. He is working on natural history illustration, which he took last year, of the animals we see along the way. He is also learning to whittle. Careers has been of special interest to him. He has been working hard learning about different careers and wants to start his own business. He hopes to solidify his idea this fall and get things launched this year too.

Honestly, that is it, the four core subjects and a couple of electives. We are looking forward to being able to explore and take our time this year.

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