• Michelle Morgan

My Father's Dragon Audio Book Coming Soon

Next Wednesday our first audio book will be available here and on our YouTube channel. My Father's Dragon is one of our family's favorite books. I hope you will enjoy it with your family too. This book will be available for you for free thanks to the generosity of our patrons.

You can get early access to our audio books, unit studies, and more on our patreon page. My Father's Dragon has been hosted there for weeks as a downloadable MP3. Our patrons also get custom coloring pages and can send in their children's artwork to be featured on the YouTube version that we make available for free.

Our patrons are the reason our content is available for free and that our website does not have advertisements on it. Personally, I can't stand weeding through ads in blog posts to find the actual information. When we started up our website we wanted to encourage people to support what we do instead of inundating them with ads. Our tiers begin as low as $3 monthly. So, what do they include?

Main Stream Gameschooler


At this level, you will...

  • Gain early access to our unit studies

  • Have early access to our audio books and be able to send in your children's artwork to be featured on the video form of the books.

  • Keep our content ad free

Casual Gameschooler $7 PER MONTH

At this level, you will...

  • Get our monthly resource pack, including unit studies, board game recommendations, activities, videos, and more with the month's theme (found in our Patreon Feed)

  • And everything from the $3 level

Hardcore Gameschooler $12 PER MONTH

At this level, you will...

  • Be part of the creative process by contributing to polls about upcoming unit studies and resource pack themes

  • Plus all the other perks

Devoted Philanthropist $20+ PER MONTH

You want to support the work we are doing in providing educational resources to those in need of them as well as our work in the community,  such as board gaming events. You can give at any amount by typing in the amount you would like to pledge. You will still gain all the benefits of the previous tiers too.

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