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Matter & Elements: A Unit Study

We covered the periodic table of elements with the kiddo a couple of years ago, but Quebec says we need to cover matter this year or it doesn't count. So, I put together a fun unit. He is very interested in Chemistry, which he isn't supposed to learn about till next year. The Basher Science Chemistry book covers matter and the states of matter so they will both be happy. Itch is a fantastically exciting book about a boy that collects the elements of the periodic table. I chose Compounded for our board game because it is my favorite! There are others you could choose or just stick to the games in the printable pack. You will find the download on our unit studies page.

This unit covers language arts, science, and art. Compounded is the board game suggestion for this unit. You will be learning about matter and its states as well as learning about the periodic table of elements. The reader is one of our son's favorite books and is a very exciting read! All the resources for this unit are available digitally except the board game and it is geared toward grades 5-8. 

This unit study contains a list of resources and  activities for you to use in your studies. Choose those that will best suit  your students, time, and learning environment. My hope is that you will enjoy  the process of learning and not feel constricted by the timeline or activities. Make changes as they suit your needs and enjoy your time learning  together! 

Our unit studies are available for free due to the generosity of our patrons.

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