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Lewis & Clark Unit Study

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This unit study contains a list of resources and activities for you to use in your studies. Choose those that will best suit your students, time, and learning environment. My hope is that you will enjoy the process of learning and not feel constricted by the timeline or activities. I do recommend that you read at least one book aloud together from each unit as it is something you can experience and enjoy together. Make changes as they suit your needs and enjoy your time learning together!


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Lewis & Clark Unit for Grades 4-8


Blazing West, the Journal of Augustus Pelletier by Kathryn Lasky

Fourteen-year-old Augustus, half French, half Omaha Indian, sets out to proof himself worthy of Lewis and Clark on their great adventure of discovery. He follows the explorers for two hundred miles before making his presence known to the commanding captain of the Corps of Discovery, Meriwether Lewis, himself. Gus's ability to read and write makes him useful to the explorers, and he starts to keep a record of their travels. But traveling west isn't easy, and the company faces constant danger. Is Augustus a tough enough explorer to survive such hardships?

Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities

By Janis Herbert Available on SCRIBD

Join Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s Corps of Discovery as they navigate the muddy Missouri River and begin a great adventure set against the background of the vast North American continent. Lewis and Clark for Kids takes children from President Jefferson’s vision of an exploratory mission across a continent full of unique plants and animals through their dangerous and challenging journey into the unknown to the expedition’s triumphant return to the frontier town of St. Louis. Twenty-one activities bring to life the Native American tribes they encountered, the plants and animals they discovered, and the camping and navigating techniques they used. A glossary of terms and listings of Lewis and Clark sites, museums, and related Web sites round out this comprehensive activity book.


Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clark

In Discoveries, you play one of the Expedition members: Lewis, Clark, Gass or Ordway. Your goal is to compile as much knowledge as possible in your journal, and in this way advance science thanks to your discoveries.

Or try:

  • Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

  • Lewis and Clark Exploration Card Game

  • Ecosystem

  • Trekking the National Parks

  • Parks

Learn more about using games for learning here.



  • Do a research paper about an animal that Lewis and Clark encountered on their journey. Finish with an oral presentation of your report. Feel free to make a poster about the animal as a visual aid.


  • Get a feel for the expedition by replicating it in Minecraft. Begin by making a short list of the materials and items needed for the long journey. Next, begin the game in peaceful mode and collect the list of materials, crafting any tools needed. Each day throughout the unit, the students will journey, in the same direction, as far as they can in the time they have for play. After their game play for the day they will make an entry in their nature journal, just like Lewis and Clark did. They can draw pictures of new species of plants or animals they discover and share stories of exciting or difficult things that happened. Allow a certain amount of time each day for game play and journaling. When you conclude the Minecraft project, spend time discussing the experience and stories in the students’ exploration journal.

  • Make a map of your neighborhood. Make sure to note important landmarks.

  • Make a topographical map of the USA with clay, cardboard, or any other materials you like. Mark the path Lewis and Clark took on the map.

  • Do the activities from the Lewis and Clark for Kids book.

  • Take time to discuss what is being learned as you go along.

  • If the free course is running when you are doing the unit, take the 6 week Natural History Illustration course on EDX. It will help you learn to study natural objects and animals and draw them with scientific accuracy. You can find the course here.


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If you are not subscribed to SCRIBD, we highly recommend it. Many of the books in our units are included in the subscription and it is a great homeschool tool. You can sign up for an account by clicking our referral link here.

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