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Kiddo's Picks Board Game Gift Guide

The kiddo is 14 this year. It can be a tough age to buy for. He is really too big for toys but not quite ready to be a grown up either. These are some of his favorite games and would make great gifts for any of the big kids on your list.

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Here to Slay is a competitive role-playing fantasy strategy card game that's all about assembling a party of Heroes and slaying monsters (and sometimes sabotaging your friends too) from the creators of Unstable Unicorns. In this game, you’ll assemble a full party of heroes to slay dangerous monsters while working to avoid the sabotage of your foes. The game also includes items you can equip to your heroes, 1V1 challenge cards, and roll modifiers to tip the odds in your favor. The first person to successfully slay three monsters, or build a full party with six classes, wins the game!

Here to Slay has some seriously high cuteness levels. It has been a huge hit with all the teens and tweens the Kiddo has played it with. The game play is relatively simple and also short, so don't try to play the long game. This is an action point and set collection game more than a "role playing" game as the description would suggest. It also has a nice small box, perfect for small houses!

In Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America, players work together against the game to discover cures for three deadly diseases that threaten the continent. Travel to different North American cities to treat local populations, prevent outbreaks, and share research with your team. Can you discover the cures before it's too late?

Pandemic has been a part of our collection since the early days of our hobby gaming career. This tiny spin off is a great addition to our tiny house collection. We do have both the North America and Europe versions and both are fantastic. They each have different experts and variants making them just enough different to justify having both. The Kiddo especially likes the solo variant and the two player variant that combines both games.

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar is a restoration of the classic 1986 game Fireball Island that features a unique 3D island and a host of marble mayhem. This new version boasts an island that is even bigger than the original (and yet fits in a smaller box) and more marbles. It is a family-weight game for 2-4 players (5 with an expansion) that plays in 30-45 minutes. Simple card play replaces the random roll-and-move of the original, and the set collection for the treasures offers some interesting choices for players.

This one was too much money for a simple moving around the board game when it was first re-released. This summer, we spotted it for super cheap at Target! Less than half the price of the original reprinting. This game is not going to win any awards for strategy. If you are looking for a game of silly fun that pops off the table and draws a crowd though, this game has got you covered.

Onirim is a solo/cooperative card game. You (and a partner, if you wish) must work (together) against the game to gather the eight Door cards before the deck runs out; you can obtain those Door cards either by playing cards of the same color three turns in a row, or by discarding (under specific circumstances) one of your powerful Key cards. In both cases you will have to decide the best use of each card in your hand and carefully play around the Nightmares. Those cards are hidden in the deck and will trigger painful dilemmas when drawn.

This is the Kiddo's most played game right now. He usually plays solo and that is the game at its best. The expansions included change the game play and keep it fresh. You can also play the app before you buy it and see if you enjoy it. It is a great small box puzzle game.

In King of Tokyo, you play mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and strange aliens—all of whom are destroying Tokyo and whacking each other in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo.

This is the Kiddo's favorite game of all time! It plays like a cross between Yahtzee and King of the Hill. The game play is simple but exciting. He is personally hoping to get the new dark edition as a gift this year. It does add some new features, but the basic game is fantastic. There are also oodles of mini expansions available that are perfect as follow up gifts throughout the year or make great stocking stuffers.

The original pandemic and King of Tokyo are both available to play on Board Game Arena. Learn more about BGA in this post.

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