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History of Medicine Unit Study

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

With Halloween approaching, this macabre study about the history of medicine will be a hit with your high school students. It is just the right amount of dark and disgusting for them with a good dose of education to keep their parents happy. You will laugh, cry, and do a serious amount of cringing.

This unit study covers Language Arts, History, Science & Art. You will be reading some fascinating fiction and non-fiction books. There are multiple options for writing projects/discussion and some engaging video options as well. The unit includes a list of board games to play with the unit, featuring Trust Me I'm a Doctor from Half Monster Games. It is geared toward grades 7-12. You can find more units on our unit studies page. In choosing your read aloud book for this unit, I recommend Quackery. That will allow you to do some censoring of anything that is a bit beyond your student's maturity level. There is a lot of fascinating information in the book and it will be worth the offer up fodder for many conversations .

History of Medicine Unit
Download PDF • 175KB

This unit study contains a list of resources and  activities for you to use in your studies. Choose those that will best suit  your students, time, and learning environment. My hope is that you will enjoy  the process of learning and not feel constricted by the timeline or  activities. Make changes as they suit your needs and enjoy your time learning  together!  

 If you are not subscribed to SCRIBD, we highly recommend it. Many of the books in our units are included in the subscription and it is a great homeschool tool. You can sign up for an account by clicking our referral link here.

Our unit studies are free thanks to the generosity of our patron. If you would like to support the making of our content, become a patron here for as little as $3 per month.

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