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Energy: A Unit Study

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Movement, friction, and more are inside this unit. I had a hard time finding a game for this unit until I saw a suggestion that dexterity games are all about energy. Flicking, balance, friction, they are all happening inside of dexterity games. I chose Click Clack Lumberjack, because it is one we have and don't play as often. The kiddo really enjoyed the videos from Crash Course Kids. You will find more free units on our unit studies page.

This unit covers language arts, science, and history. Click Clack Lumberjack is the board game suggestion for this unit. You will be learning about energy, like movement and friction as well as learning about one boy who harnessed the wind to create energy. There is also an escape room about Newton's laws. All the resources for this unit are available digitally except the board game and it is geared toward grades 5-8. 

Energy Unit
Download PDF • 119KB

This unit study contains a list of resources and  activities for you to use in your studies. Choose those that will best suit  your students, time, and learning environment. My hope is that you will enjoy  the process of learning and not feel constricted by the timeline or  activities. Make changes as they suit your needs and enjoy your time learning  together! 

Our unit studies are available for free due to the generosity of our patrons.

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