Dragomino Board Game Spotlight

Updated: Jun 15

Board gaming with small children can be a serious challenge. What is fun for them is often tedious and boring to the big people in their lives. We are always on the look out for games that can be enjoyable for the whole family. Sometimes we modify regular games and sometimes we find a children's game that is actually fun.

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Dragomino was an impulse buy during lockdown. It was a pleasant surprise. The game play is simple enough for our 4 year old, though I don't think I would go lower. Still, it is engaging enough to enjoy playing it with him. Here is the game description:

The big moment has arrived. You have been named "dragon trainer", and you have the chance to meet them on a mysterious island. But you are not the only trainer sent to these lands. Who among you will discover the most baby dragons? The Kingdomino family is expanding with Dragomino, a version for children who are going to go in search of dragon eggs.

Players choose a domino to put on their board. Each match they line up will earn a dragon egg. There are no placement rules like you find in Kingdomino so the board can become a winding string of tiles or a tight block. Some dragon eggs have a dragon inside and others are completely empty. An empty egg earns you the starting player dragon meeple.

We have played so many games and still enjoy it. The little guy can even do all the set up and tear down. I color coded the storage slots for the eggs and now it is even easier to put away. This is my favorite children's game from the last year as of right now. It is definitely worth a try!

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