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Drafting: Game Mechanics 101

Updated: May 18, 2021

Welcome to our first mechanic, drafting. Drafting is the core mechanic in many games. It can also be found in many games as a side mechanic or as a variant.

Want to skip reading? Watch the video here!

In a drafting game, the players have a hand of cards or items. They make a selection and pass the rest to the next player. Now, they will make a selection from their new hand and pass again. Play continues till the hand is drained, often with the last item being discarded. 7 Wonders and Sushi Go are card drafting games that combing drafting with set collection. The more cards you have that work together, the higher your score will be. Fields of Green is also a card drafting game but instead of collecting sets you are building a functioning farm with your card selections. Between Two Cities has players drafting tiles instead of cards. The tiles chosen will be used to construct a city with the person sitting next to you. In this game your drafting choices affect your partners as well. Draftosaurus is another drafting game that does not use cards. Players draft from a handful of wooden dinosaur meeples (meeples are the shaped wooden pawns in a game). This game brings back the set collection aspect of some of the card games. Drafting games can be difficult for inexperienced players to understand since they are not familiar with the cards or items available and how they interact. It is worth the effort to learn and play though. As with many other styles of game, the more you play the more comfortable you will become with the options. Once you are comfortable the game becomes such a joy. Next week we will be discussing deck building games.

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