• Michelle Morgan

Board up in the Air Music Parody

We have been watching the Holderness Family music parodies for a few weeks now and loving them. They inspired us to make our own video parody. Adam and I joked about it for a while, but then I came up with an idea. What if we told the story of how infuriated I get when I play Ticket to ride. That could be fun. So we tried on several songs to see what might fit. Dynamite by Taio Cruz was the best fit.

I started writing. It was slow going at first. "I throw the board up in the air sometimes" was all I had for a while. Then one day the lines started coming to me. I had it finished a couple of days later. We moved on to recording the lyrics and Jayne (our 12 year old son) did the doom dooms. Then we did some research on how to do acapella parts, because, well, we have never done it before. Thanks to some great YouTube help videos, we pulled together the song and gave it some body.

Filming was a blast! The tot had fun getting into everything. We normally do any filming after he is in bed. This was a big project with many scenes though. The best part of the shoot was the board flip. I have come really close to flipping the board a couple of times while playing Ticket to Ride. I would never actually do it because it really drains the fun out of the room. It was exhilarating though. Plus the reaction from the boys was priceless. They were practicing their reactions before shooting but they didn't need to. It caught them off guard and their responses were entirely natural.

We all hope you enjoy watching our music video as much as we enjoyed making it!

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