Board Game Spotlight: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

If I am honest, I was a little unsure of this game when I first saw it. The theme intrigued me. The art and some of the themes were a little much for me though. Yet, here we are with a copy of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor from Half-Monster Games and I couldn't be happier!

Trust me, I'm a Doctor is a little card game about archaic medicine. It is a game for 3-8 players and takes about as long as you want it to. You play as doctors trying to prescribe treatment for various maladies. As in the days of old, the treatments are rarely helpful and overly invasive.

I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did playing this game. It is so ludicrous and yet entirely provoking. It sparked many conversations about how medical care has transformed over the years. It also sparked discussions about how we have seen similar tactics even in this day and age over the current pandemic.

The game will be at its best when those playing really get into the game and do some role playing. Quippy banter and story telling is really the focus of game. The cards are just there to guide you. If you and your family/game group are into this kind of game play, you are going to absolutely love it. We can't wait to play it again and to pull it out with a bigger group, when that is possible.

For all of you playing with families, I would definitely recommend sticking to the 12 year old guideline. Younger kids will probably have a hard time enjoying or understanding the game. We went through the decks and removed the more disturbing or inappropriate cards. It left us with more than enough to play with.

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