Board Game Spotlight: Ramen Fury

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The kiddo has been very into ramen this winter. Recently, I was putting together an order of items to keep the kids busy. I came across this little game, Ramen Fury. How could I resist? The package looks like package of ramen and the box inside looks like a block of noodles. It is rare that I buy a game knowing nothing about it, but I went for it anyway.

It did not dissapoint. Visually, this is a really cool game. I have to give them props for presentation. The packaging is so creative and the artwork is nice. The cards have a sort of silky finish too.

The game play is far from revolutionary, but it's nice. It is an action point game. Each turn you get to do 2 actions. The goal is to make 3 tasty bowls of ramen soup and eat them all up. There is a bit of a push your luck element as you need to choose when to eat those bowls of soup. If you eat it now, you will only get 5 points. If you wait, you can add another ingredient but someone might finish the game before you get a chance. This is a fun little game. It is just the right size to travel with too, when we finally get to do that again.

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