Board Game Spotlight: Dreams of Tomorrow

Dreams of Tomorrow has spent a lot of time on our table since we brought it home a few weeks ago. I was originally drawn to it because the artwork is just gorgeous. Our 12 year old son has really enjoyed the artwork too. There are a handful of images and sort of duplicates of them. He likes to compare them and see how they change over the series of each picture.

The theme is about constructing dreams to send to the past to save the future. The central focus is a changing rondel. The rondel is not an often used mechanic and the rondel for Dreams of Tomorrow is done very well. Players can activate abilities that allow them to rearrange the spaces in the rondel. This week we have been potty training our 3 year old. As we cycle through break times for each of us, we have been getting in some solo plays of the game. The solo bot comes in 3 difficulty levels. In all of them, the bot causes changes to the rondel and it is ultimately a race to build the best dream sequence you can as fast as you can. This has got to be my favorite game to play solo as it is fast to set up and play is challenging but not impossible. Dreams of Tomorrow is easy to set up, easy to learn, and small too. The tiny box holds a lot of game and many options. We haven't even had a chance to play with the night mare yet, maybe after potty training. We have really enjoyed the game and we're looking forward to seeing more from Weird Giraffe Games!

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