Board Game Spotlight: Colors of Paris

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

When we got our social distancing order and all the stores closed, we placed a game order with our local game store. We chose games we knew little or nothing about. The plan was to try something new and to open a new game every few days to occupy our time a bit. We have one game left to go out of 7 (2 were expansions), and we are about a week and a half out on the game delivery. Colors of Paris was one of those games.

Adam and I were artists once upon a time and the theme was very intriguing. The game has a lot of bits in it and a fair bit of iconography. It is deceptively simple though. Colors of Paris is a worker placement game that is incredibly easy to learn. I am considering adding it to the list of starter games that I am working on.

Worker placement games are often overwhelming with options and rules. The options on this board are limited and require planning. Your meeples are going to be used to get paint, mix paint, upgrade, or work on paintings. The game moves quickly but is full of tough decisions. We have been pleasantly surprised by this light worker placement game. During difficult times our family prefers lighter games and this one hit the mark.

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