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AwSHUX Game Con at Home 2021

Yesterday began AwSHUX the virtual game convention. We have never had the chance to attend a board game convention for various reasons. With a price point of FREE and a travel time of NONE, this was a great chance to dip our toes into the game con scene. We weren't sure how we would participate, just that we would. Here is what we came up with to make it an engaging weekend.

We started the long weekend by viewing the schedule and choosing the sessions we wanted to view. So far the streaming programing has been great. The content is interesting and the hosts are fantastically fun. Our family chose 2 sessions to watch on Friday and Sunday plus 5 more on Saturday. Perusing the event halls was also on the docket.

We recently moved and most of our games have been packed away for months. We broke them all out to create a game con game library. Our family has taken turns choosing games from the library to play. We played 8 games yesterday and one already this morning. We have played some games on Board Game Arena too (review here).

While visiting the exhibit halls was fun, part of the excitement of a convention is actually bringing home some games...right now. So, the last big part of our weekend is to go visit our actual local game stores. It gives us the chance to support local business and get our games right now fix.

Staying home over the past year has been tough. Virtual events are not the same, but there are things we can do to keep them engaging. Things like moving the table to the living room, ordering take out, and a lot of imagination are making our AwSHUX memorable. You should check it out if you have the chance. Let us know your favorite moments!

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