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A Note about Year Round Schooling

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I started homeschooling year round early on in in our homeschool career. I know that most people love summer, but I get heat exhaustion very easily. That means long days in the air conditioning when it is very hot and humid. When we had our house, the only place to put our window unit was in our bedroom.

Long days of watching movies in the bedroom quickly transformed into days of reading together and working through homeschool curriculum. One of the biggest benefits is that we can go out and enjoy the best days of the year. If there is a gorgeous week in April and/or May we can take them off knowing that there will be days in the summer and winter that we will be working hard.

You should feel confident in the routine you create with your family. If you don't, feel free to make changes. Be creative and don't be held back by what you think you should do or what others think you should do. Find the perfect times to learn with your kids, be it seasonal, late night, short sessions, what ever works best for your family.

You can see how our homeschool schedule has changed over time here.

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