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A Day in Our Roadschool

We are living on the road these days. Our little travel trailer is taking us all over the eastern half of the united states. In the midst of it all there is school. We obviously homeschool. If you want to know what we are using for curriculum you can find the Kiddo's 8th Grade curriculum picks here and the tot's pre-k picks here. It took a couple of months to get in the swing of some kind of routine, but we have finally found a comfortable groove. The day basically has three main sections.

In the morning we are doing basic life. That includes getting dressed, chores, and on some days we are preparing to move. Most of our drive times are in the morning. Since we all have issues with motion sickness we don't do much school in the car. We might spend a half hour listening to the Bible or an audio book. There is sometimes discussion about things we learned or experienced recently. Mostly, the mornings are just a quiet time of work, reflection, and conversation.

In the afternoons we are doing exploration or hanging out in our trailer. Exploration includes visiting museums, going for hikes, walking beaches, etc. This is the real perk of doing school on the road, constant field trips! What better way to learn than on location? Quick searches of free things to do/visit in each state has been helpful in keeping these visits affordable. Really though, no one wants to be out ALL the time. Many days we just hang out at home. We read books, play games, do handicrafts, etc. I try to keep things laid back. The kiddo tracks his hours by subject and needs about 10 hours per month to complete a credit since we school year round. Learn more about schooling year round in this post.

After supper is our "official" school time. I do pre-k with the Tot till bed time while Adam does math with the Kiddo. Then I do a lesson for the kiddo in whatever subject is most in need of time for the month. We follow that up with some reading time and call it a day.

We have not had any problems getting those credit hours in each month despite the relaxed approach we take. Since we have a little guy that keeps us tied to home at night, doing school in the evening is perfect for us. A huge bonus is that they are both a bit worn out physically and are ready to sit down to study so they can rest. What have you found works best for your schedule?

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