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A Day in Our Gameschool

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Let me start by sharing that our homeschool day tends to be in a constant state of flux. We really thrive when we are able to be on this routine though. Everyone gets the attention that they need, time to play, and I get some time to do some things for myself too. It can be tough balancing a 12 year old and a 3 year old. I think we are finally getting it though. Here is what our day looks like.

8:00 a - Reading with the tot (big kid does free work till 10) 8:30 a - Activities with the tot (ex. math, coloring, play dough etc.) 9:00 a - Yoga (with the big kid if he is free) 9:30 a - Game time with the tot 10:00 a - Free play hour for the boys, groceries and chore time for me (we shop daily since our store is an 8 minute walk away) 11:00 a - Prep and eat lunch 12:00 p - Read-aloud time with the big kid (the tot watches a movie) 12:30 p - Math with the big kid 1:00 p - Snuggle with the tot for the rest of movie (big kid free work) 2:00 p - Boys play (me: blog, read, journal, alone time) 3:30 p - Game time with the big kid 4:30 p - Tidy up and finish anything that needs it 5:00 p - Prep and eat supper 6:00 p - Outside play, but sometimes movies or inside play 6:45 p - Pick up 7:00 p - Bedtime routine for the tot

7:30 p - The big kid watches documentaries or plays board or video games with us.

9:30 p - We go to bed but the big kid stays up till 10:00 p reading because he isn't up in the night with the tot.

So that is our day, when all goes according to plan. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Today has been one of those days for sure. Being able to adjust as needed is one of the wonderful perks of homeschooling!

During the big kid's free work times, he is reading, writing, researching, playing video games that go with the unit we are doing. Lately, he is researching the immune system for a role playing board game that he is designing. He is reading Survivors' Club and Behemoth and he is playing Pokemon in French to work on his French reading.

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