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8 Print & Play Demos from Asmodee

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Are you on the lookout for budget games? Do you want to try before you buy? Asmodee has released a nice collection of demo games and activities. I will be focusing on the games here. None are complete versions of the game. They are nice demos that you can have fun with though. Perhaps you will find one that you want to add to your collection. Here is where you can find the Asmodee print and play games

Combo Color

If you like coloring, why not do it competitively? Players take turns coloring spaces on the board and trying to collect the items in the spaces for points. The print and play version includes 2 boards to play on.

Concept/Concept Kids

Concept Kids is the tot's all time favorite game! In it, one player is trying to give clues to get the others to guess an animal. In this print and play variation Asmodee has given you pages of clue to guess along with an answer sheet to see if you were right. They also have the same type of demo for the normal version of Concept.


Dixit is a fantastic game of deduction. The artwork is fascinating. If you haven't played, you really should. This is one of those must play gateway games.

Dobble/Spot It

This is a fast paced matching game. It will get your brain going for a bit. The printable version contains just a handful of card to hep you get the idea of the game.


Escape rooms are a ton of fun and Unlock brings the game home. Asmodee has put out several small adventures to play through. You will need to download the free app to play.

Cortex Challenge

This game will give your brain a good workout. You will be doing puzzles to gain cards to win the game. This is a micro demo for sure but will give you a taste of the full game.


This is on our list of 10 games for your gameschool collection. This is you chance to try it out for free. You will be trying to plug your cards into the correct space in the timeline and maybe learning about some historic events you didn't know about before.


You will play as a merchant, delivering goods and growing your business. You will need some dice on hand for this demo game. It is a roll and write game and your dice will come from the market in the middle of the play area.

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