• Michelle Morgan

3 Games for Studying Fairytales

Today's 3 games video is all about fairy tales! Fairy tales are a wonderfully enjoyable topic to cover. They give great insight about the values of the culture them come from. So, here are our 3 suggestions. Gingerbread House In this game you are the witch from Hansel and Gretel. Fairy tale creatures keep coming and eating your gingerbread house and you are tired of it. You are going to lure them in and trap them so you can build your house in peace. It is great to talk about the characters that come up. What story are they from? Are they from a fairy tale or a movie? It's a fun puzzle game filled with fairy tale people and creatures. Similo Fables Similo is a quick cooperative deduction game. One person gives clues to help the other players guess which of 12 cards is the fairy tale creature that has been selected. This is a super small game as it is a deck of cards. Similo History is also available if you like the concept but not the theme. Fairy Tale It is a fun game of drafting and set collection with fairies, knights, and dragons. The cards interact with each other making for big bonuses at the end of the game.

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