2020 Board Game Gift Tags

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Can you believe it is already December? Happy holidays! Are you an early shopper? Most of our gifts are already wrapped and under the tree. We ordered early to ensure it all shipped in time. The Tot's gifts are up in the closet because he already tried to open one...in November! It is so hard to be patient.

If you want to add a little gaming flare to your gifts this holiday, print out our board game gift tags. They feature our logo meeple and pawn. The colors are not super Christmas themed so you could use them for any holiday, birthday, or randomly given gift. Let us know if you like them and we will make a new set next year.

AnM 2020 Gift Tags
Download PDF • 68KB

If you are still working on buying gifts, check out our 2020 board game gift guide!

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