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10 Games to Play by Yourself

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Gaming is great together but sometimes one person wants to play more than the others around them. Sometimes you are by yourself but want to play anyway. As a mom, I know that sometimes it is good to have an activity to sit your kid in front of that is not a screen so that both of you can have some quiet time alone. If you want to game alone through board game apps, you can check out our post here. If you want to dive into some cardboard, here is a list of 10 games with solo modes to play all alone.

Dreams of Tomorrow

This game has a variety of game play options. In the game you are trying to create the best possible dream sequence to send back in time to save the future. The solo mode is like a ticking clock. The longer it takes you to complete your sequence, the less likely you are to win. It is a fun small box game that is also available in print and play form at PNP Arcade.

Terraforming Mars

This engine building game has you managing a variety of resources to establish livable conditions on Mars. For solo play, the number of rounds allowed to terraform the planet are limited. This is one recently became available in app form, but we have not had the chance to play it.

Welcome To...

This is a flip and write game. You are constructing the best possible neighborhood to get the highest points possible. It is a shorter game and is easy to play over and over again. There are also many different refill pads that add small changes to game play. This game is also on Board Game Arena! Check out more about BGA here.

Dinosaur Island

This game is going to make you feel like you are inside the Jurassic Park series. You will be gaining DNA to create dinosaurs. Keep your security high enough though so your guests don't get eaten! This game has a great solo bot and replicates normal play well.


Automa is amazing! Scythe is a 4-x game, allowing you to explore the map, build up your nation, and battle your rivals. The Automa gives you varying difficulties to play as a solo player. It really emulates an actual player opponent.

7th Continent

If you like the Choose Your Own Adventure books, this game should be right up your alley. You will be exploring an epic map, solving puzzles, and trying not to die from random animal attacks. Since it is a cooperative game, that game play doesn't change when you play solo.


Uses the Automa system as well. In the game you will be building up your vineyard, making wine and filling orders. It is a worker placement game with many great decisions to make. The automa is a realistic player and makes playing solo more fun. This game is also on Board Game Arena!

Plague Inc. the Board Game

This is an area control game in which you play as a bacteria or virus. It is quite a bit less jarring than the app, if you have played it. The solo bot gives you someone to battle over space with and can be a challenge.


You will be planning a city in Suburbia. Your goal is to build an engine that can stimulate continued growth to make the most money and population. There are 2 options for solo play giving you some variation.

Dungeon Fighter

Throwing dice and acting crazy pretty much sums up this dungeon crawl game. Playing solo takes out all the silly banter and interaction. If you don't mind letting your hair down and being goofy by yourself, you will have a lot of fun playing it alone.

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