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Adam & Michelle

Creating Community with Board Games

Play in Person

Join us in La Plata, MO for live, in person, game days on Saturdays from 2-4 pm
(on hiatus till September)

1st Saturday of the Month

La Plata First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

2nd Saturday of the Month

La Plata Christian Church

3rd Saturday of the Month

Community Presbyterian Church

Special Summer Schedule
Join us every Tuesday at the La Plata library from 9 am- 11 am for board games. We will be playing a variety of board games with a potential for some role playing games, Legos, and puzzles too. All ages are welcome to join in the fun as always. Our summer schedule will start the first Tuesday in June and run through the last Tuesday before the La Plata school begins their year. Then we will return to our Saturday game days beginning in September.


Play Along Livestream


Currently on Hiatus

We play on Board Game Arena (BGA) on most days. You can join in the game or just hang out and visit.

Follow or subscribe to our channel to get notified when the livestream begins and be able to chat.


Thanks for your interest in Adam & Michelle Gameschool. For more information about gameschooling, community building, or board game reviews, feel free to get in touch with us below!

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